Get rid of Android keyboard notification

If you're running ICS or higher version of Android, you may have noticed something annoying happen every time you open your keyboard, a tiny keyboard notification pops up in your notification tray.  

"Surprise you're using your keyboard!  Oh you'd noticed, did you? Oh the giant keyboard taking up 1/3 of the screen was a clue, was it?  I see.  Well, do you wanna change keyboards?  No?  Are you sure?  Really?  Okay, well I'm just gonna sit here and take up space anyway."  --Keyboard Notification

If you tap the notification, it will give you a pop up titled "Choose input method" where you can select from your installed keyboards.  However, since you can change your keyboard anytime from the Settings menu, unless you are in the habit of changing your keyboard often, this has very little value to you.

How to get rid of the persistent keyboard notification

  1. Open your Settings menu, select Language and input.
  2. Next to each installed keyboard there should be a checkbox.  Uncheck every keyboard but the one you are currently using.
  3. The last checkbox should become greyed out when it is the only one left. 

Now when you open a keyboard, you should no longer see the keyboard notification.